Day Service
Regional Center

About Us 

We began by making our mark in 2009, The Perez Family made a significant impact on many individuals in the Irvine and Foothill Ranch area. Our programs became a success as we continued to provide a personal, and welcoming experience for the ones we serve. We quickly realized that the passion we have in providing a center for purpose and overall enrichment had become the success story of many.
Bridges was then founded in 2016 as an effort to supply the demand for high quality day program services in South Orange County. Our program design was to keep things simple as we work to merge the gap between individual efforts and independent success. Our goal has always been to provide a quality of service we would want for ourselves. This progressive mindset became the foundation of our success. However, our mission is to help you surpass your goals; after all, our success would not be possible if we didn't create yours. 

Framing the Bridge

Upon acceptance into the Bridges program we begin to Frame the Bridge to success, by understanding the personal goals of the individuals we support. Each client will receive a thorough Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA), conducted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).  Throughout this assessment we work hand in hand with the family and individual we support, to develop a custom tailored program plan that hits all areas of their personal development.  We begin by identifying all present barriers and understanding the environmental influences that are maintaining them. By targeting these areas using a Positive Behavior approach, we strive to create results that last.


Supporting the Bridge 

In conjunction with framing the bridge, each individual receives additional life-skill training to support their mission towards independence. We concentrate our efforts in the areas of self-help, vocational training, supported employment, and community integration. Our community-based training provides instruction in purchasing, mobility training, social behavior, and community safety. Individuals may also elect to pursue educational interests at local college campuses. We truly are a person centered day program focused on creating a nurturing and structured environment to achieve one’s life goals.