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The OC Bridges  individualized support program serves adults with developmental disabilities 22 years of age or older who are granted services through Regional Center of Orange County. Our service model is structured to support individuals in a 1:1, 1:2, and 1:3 staff to participant ratio as determined by the individual’s needs. The Adult Day Program is designed to serve individuals who are presently experiencing barriers to reaching fulfillment in their life. 

A focus on fun

Our forward-thinking approach allows participants to grasp concepts that are fundamental to individual success in a way that feels like fun.


Experiential Learning

Hands-on community enrichment programs engage individuals in creative, conceptual problem solving that bridges the gap between theory and practice.


Cutting-Edge Technology

From Game-Based Learning using Minecraft, to LEGO robotics systems, to IPad learning applications, technology plays a key role in many lessons.

Realistic Learning Opportunities

Each participant is presented with daily real life work opportunities for skill development which provide the individual with chances to connect and apply the curriculum.


Small Group Sizes

A 2:1 student to instructor ratio allows participants to get the attention they need, while fostering collaboration and teamwork in a peer-based learning environment.

Why Bridges?