OC Bridges stems from a pedigree of passion. We are a family owned and operated business that began its journey in Foothill Ranch simply to give our best effort at providing a type of service we would want for ourselves. We knew we where on to something good when we reached maximum capacity within 2 years of opening our doors and it was all from word of mouth.


In conjunction with natural passion and effort our behavior support services are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which is the most extensively researched and empirically proven method for treating challenging behaviors.


In addition with the behavioral training program, each individual receives supportive skill development in various areas that may be seen as a benefit to their growth towards their goals. This means that no two bridges are the same, every individual will have the opportunity to have a custom tailored bridge which will allow them to ultimately reach THEIR version of success. 

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Special Needs

Supportive skill development may include:

  • Self-help

  • Vocational development

  • Community integration as determined by the individuals needs and goals

  • Adapted communication methods

  • Purchase skills training

  • Mobility training

  • Social behavior training

  • Community safety

  • Individuals may also attend college classes on integrated campuses

  • Custom skill training to streamline school-to-program transitions